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If we understand art as a unique act of creation with various aspects such as features ,techniques , etc. ,Kim Soler Flores would be a poet who would use paintbrushes instead of words.His pictoral work tells us about emotions with the same suggestive complexity as verses created with precise words .The attentive spectator is led into a world where he can see himself reflected in Kim ,s art .This can only be personally interpreted in the eternal role of complicity between a work of art and he who contemplates it.Born in Poble Sec ,Barcelona, in 1951 ,he has always been inclined to handcraft work .As a living he has worked in wood clay and wrought iron, while the desire to draw was awakening in him.His stay in Paris between 1970 and 1971 and the trip to Germany in 1972 gave him a vision of the European art trends at the time .This created the habit of observation and it is this that often takes him around the continent. He joined the Mallorca School of Arts in 1974, which he soon left, due to his disagreement whit the teaching system. From then onwards he became a self-taught artist, constantly and patiently searching for his own path. That year, he held his first exhibition would bring him to Palafrugell in 1976 , first in the Altamira gallery and later in the Empordá gallery.During a summer spent in Calella de Palafrugell, he established contact with its extensive colony of artists ,his teachers being, among others , Modest Cuixart and Rodolfo Candelaria ,as well as the geographical and human landscape of the well-known area called Empordanet .All these encouraged him to settle down in Palafrugell , first in Mas Riera in Llofriu where he lived for a long time, and recently in the heart of village, in Garriga Street .His admiration for Cuixart,s painting of women´s heads was later also reflected in his work. His friend Candelaria encouraged him to leave everything behind and start painting as a living .Kim says Rodolfo is a person of true importance in his life.Kim 's recent work mainly consists of realistic and hyper-realistic painting .His still life paintings contain objects such as fruit and furniture, which are portrayed with photographic accuracy. However it would be a mistake to label this work as a reproduction of reality . He has reached this point as a result of an untiring search for beauty and years of improving his technique. " I feel truly satisfied when I succeed in creating a certain effect" , he says. This meticulous order and depth of research is also reflected in his life .He has a perfectly classified collection of over a thousand photographs of everything he has done.

Kim 's painting has to be understood rather as the evolving result of a surrealistic principle whose goal is to create an interior world where it is not necessarily logic that rules. It is about a limitless widening of themes and procedure, which has been enriching art and releasing it from its bonds since the first quarter of the twentieth century and which has not yet exhausted its capacity for innovation. His many incursions into a dream world , in which the female figure is repeatedly present, evoke the influence of surrealism. Just as others have deconstructed and simplified art, Kim Soler has set off on a different path to technical and expressive perfectionism, which he sees as a personal challenge and which unrestrainedly enables him to personally evolve in whichever direction he wishes to take. This is a possibility only reserved for those masters who will later inspire others .His extensive curriculum includes more than a hundred exhibitions throughout the world and reveals , among other things, Kim' s restlessness and the wide international of his art.

Antoni Lledó.