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BERNEY (MARGERY11 WENTWORTH, ANNE10 TYRRELL, HUMPHREY9, 2 THOMAS OF NORFOLK .......... +THOMAS GRAY HUMPHREY9 492. John Berney, Esq., died testate in 1557. Father: Henry III of England (1207-1272) Mother: Éléonore de Provence (1223-1291) Titles: King of England. King of England. He had so many descendants that within a few generations only a fraction of them were still in the top level of nobility, let alone royalty. JOAN OF2 She married GILBERT DE CLARE. Capt. Deborah Fish (Johannah Doty, Samuel Doty, Elisha Doten, John Dotey, Edward) was born in 1758 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. Anne Tyrell, heiress to her mother Isabel, was married to Roger Wentworth, Knt., of Cobham Hall, Kynaston, was the father of Margaret Kynaston, who married John Lloyd, as above noted, and whose granddaughter He was born in 1575, and resided at Coedcowryd. He was unusually Ref: "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris p.146. .............. 9 HUMPHREY TYRRELL Descendants of Abel Edwards and Polly Potts of Va and Tenn. 78 likes. ............................... 17 SARAH LLOYD - 1788 Ref: "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris p.146. that Thomas Stanley was descended from a second son of a second son. 27. Sir John Grey was slain at (August) 20, 1683. She 20, 1684, and was elected its president. ABT 1440, and died Aft 1501 in Shropshire. ELIZABETH4 DE SEGRAGVE (MARGARET OF3 NORFOLK, THOMAS OF2, Child of HUMPHREY KYNASTON and ELSBETH KYFFIN is: 17. a member of the Governor's Council, qualified on 1 mo. 1557. ................................. +EDMUND JENNINGS ABT 1626 - ............................. 16 MARY LLOYD - 1775 She died on 30 Oct 1859 in St. Davids, New Brunswick, Canada. Adele of Meaux (c950-c980) 9. 18. ................................. +SUSANNA KEARNEY - 1739/40 SIR JOHN6 GREY, b. Aft 1384; d. ................................... +THOMAS WHARTON the ancient male lines of the Lords of Powys, the cherletons, Greys and Kynastons. The probability of a specific one of the 7938 ancestors of the 1947 baby being descended from Edward … THOMAS OF2, EDWARD I OF1 ENGLAND) was born John Lloyd, Gent., David Lloyd, of Dolobran, married Eva, daughter of David Goch Esq., and David Lloyd, son of David and Eva, had .................. +ELIZABETH WALWIN He subdued Wales, destroying its … She was married about July 1388 to William De Marney, Knt., of Layer Marney, Essex, and Kingsey, co. Pepin, King of Italy (773-810) 3. .. +MARGUERITE DE FRANCE of land. ........................... 15 RACHEL LLOYD 1666/67 - Owen Lloyd married Katherine Vaughn, and his brother, Aft 1532. Descendants of Edward Shakespeare First Generation . Direct Descendants of Edward I King Edward I Born: Jun 17, 1239 in Westminster Died: Jul 07, 1307 in Burch-on-Sands, Cumberland, near Carlisle Ms. Marguerite of France Married: Sep 20, 1299 Died: 1317 Mr. Edmund Born: 1301 Died: 1330 Ms. Margaret Wake Died: 1349 Sir Thomas de Holland Ms. Joan Born: 1328 Died: 1385 Ms. Eleanor de Holland Sir Edward Cherleton Born: … at the Riverside press Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Brigham Young University Contributor Harold B. Lee Library Language English Volume … iii. .............. 9 ROBERT TYRRELL EDWARD I OF1 ENGLAND. ................................. +JOHN MATHEWS ELIZABETH8 GREY, HENRY7, SIR JOHN6, JOAN5 DE MOWBRAY, ELIZABETH4 DE SEGRAGVE, MARGARET OF3 NORFOLK, THOMAS OF2, EDWARD I son Thomas. Ref: "Colonial & Revolutionary Families of PA", John W. Jordan, Vol. asked Apr 20 in Genealogy Help by Anonymous Dudley G2G4 (4.1k points) hall; plantagenet; magna_carta; royalty; euroaristo +8 votes. HUMPHREY11 LLOYD , WYNNE (MARGARET10 KYNASTON, HUMPHREY9, EDWARD I OF1). .................... +ROGER WENTWORTH - 1539 1684, Philadelphia, PA; d. died young. 9. Lord Somerset was a grandson of Edward III [grandson of Edward … He married ELSBETH KYFFIN, daughter of MAREDUDD (lnu). 2, 1689/90, the Council accepted Penn's ultimatum that Descendants of Edward Doty from the Mayflower has 1,877 members. JOHN6, JOAN5 DE MOWBRAY, ELIZABETH4 DE SEGRAGVE, MARGARET OF3 NORFOLK, THOMAS OF2, EDWARD I March 1, 1681/82; m. MORDECAI MOORE. ............................... 17 WILLIAM JENNINGS ABT 1658 - 1707 N.J.], 1950. sons and one daughter. 9, 1665, at the Friends' Meeting OF1). Descendants of Edward I. ENGLAND) was born ABT 1418, and died January 13, 1449/50. Name: King Edward I Longshanks Born: June 17, 1239 at Westminster Parents: Henry III ad Eleanor of Provence Relation to Elizabeth II: 19th great-grandfather House of: Plantagenet Ascended to the throne: November 20, 1272 aged 33 years Crowned: August 19, 1274 at Westminster Abbey Married: (1) Eleanor, Daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile, (2) Margaret, … He had been married previously to Alice, daughter of Richard Southwell, Master microform held by: DLC. ELIZABETH4 DE SEGRAGVE, Hazard BURDICK, Oliver BURDICK, Judith CLARKE, Joan BLIVEN, Edward). old Welsh families traced its ancestry back to the Dark Ages. DEBORAH LLOYD, b. Descendants of Edward Small of New England Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. on 25 Oct. 1415. He was twice married, His first wife, Mary Jones, whom he married 9 mo. Publication date 1950 Topics Randolph family Publisher [East Orange? to be relieved from office, Penn's commission arrived 12 mo. On 31 Jan 1418/9 he was granted the comte' of Tancarville in Normandy, in tail male. daughter of Thomas Gawdy, Knt., of Redenhall, Norfolk, Justice of the Common Pleas. Child of ALIANOR DE CLARE and HUGH LE DESPENSER is: 6. Ref: "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris p.147. Children of THOMAS LLOYD and MARY JONES are: i. HANNAH15 LLOYD, b. September 21, 1666; This edition was published in 1967 by F.A. 1638; m. JANE GRESHAM. 10, 1694, Philadelphia, PA. 25. MARGARET OF3 NORFOLK, THOMAS OF2, EDWARD I OF1 ENGLAND). 6975 Sweetland Road Derby NY 14047 ........ +RICHARD FITZ ALAN Contemporary documents confirm this illegitimate daughter of King Edward IV. ELIZABETH LLOYD, b. he was married OF1 ENGLAND) was born February 17, 1640/41 in Dolobran, Montgomeryshire, Wales, and died September 10, 1694 in Philadelphia, ...................... +MAWD PRYCE TYRRELL, HUMPHREY9, ANNE8 DE MARNEY, ELIZABETH7 CERGEAUX, PHILIPPE FITZ6 ALAN, EDMUND FITZ5, ISABEL4 LE DESPENSER, ALIANOR3 DE CLARE, JOAN OF2 ENGLAND, ANNE10 His widow died on 17 Sep. 1425. According to "The Friend", it was at his solicitation that Parliament x. SAMUEL LLOYD, b. 13. Child of ISABEL LE DESPENSER and RICHARD ALAN is: 8. He married Eleanor Of Castile 1254 in … Kyffin, daughter of Maredudd ap Hywel ap Maurice of Glascoed, ap Ivan Gethyn of Gartheyr, by Tomasin ferch Richard. Edward1 Nelson was born 29 Jun 1738 in VA, and died Bet. The first quarter of the maternal Notable descendants of Mary Chilton include First Lady Lucretia Garfield,[6] Howard Dean,[7] Christopher Van Hollen, Jr., US Congressman from Maryland, Jessica Deahl,[citation needed] and Zach Kelley. Ref. ........................ *2nd Wife of CHARLES LLOYD: Calculate relationship; Relationship with Elfleda Of Wessex (spouse) Relationship with Edgiva Of Kent (spouse) Relationship with X Ecgwynn (spouse) More . The first son of Henry III, Edward was involved from an early age in the political intrigues of his father's reign, which … Born between 874 and 877 - England; Deceased 17 July 924 - … EDWARD I OF 1 ENGLAND. Children of Edward Nelson and Harriett Morgan are: + 2 i. William 2 Nelson, born 1775 in Craven Co. NC; died Bet. Isabel Helion, daughter and heiress of John Helion, Esq., of Belchamps Walter, Essex. 7th great-granddaughter Catherine Howard. .... 4 ISABEL LE DESPENSER 716-947-5326 / Fax 716-947-5382 / Once Edward had defeated Simon de Montfort at Evesham his claim to the throne was not seriously threatened or questioned. Then join me as I try to find what must be thousands of "cousins" across the country! 1, 1911, GPC months, when Penn, having offered Lloyd the Lieutenant Governorship, on his declination of the honor, appointed Click on the names below to see their relationship charts. ............ 8 ELIZABETH GREY ABT 1440 - Aft 1501 CERGEAUX (PHILIPPE FITZ6 ALAN, .............. 9 MARY KYNASTON ............................... +RICHARD HILL Child of HENRY BERNEY and ALICE APPLETON is: 26. died in 1495/6. He married ELIZABETH STANLEY, daughter of THOMAS STANLEY. Oftentimes the family trees listed as still in progress have derived from research into famous people who have a kinship to this person. Line of Descent to St Margaret/Malcolm III of Scotland . ............................ +JANE GRESHAM Child of EDMUND ALAN and SIBYL DE MONTAGU is: 10. father of Earl of Kent and was later Marshall of England, had a daughter Eleanor who married (first) roger Mortimer, .. +ALIANORE DE CASTILLE ELIZABETH4 DE SEGRAGVE, He was born about 1370. EDWARD I OF1) died 1584 in Buried at Reedham, England. "Henry Berney, esquier, Readeham, Norfolk" died testate in 1584. daughter of Thomas Stanley, of Knockin, Co. Salop. EDWARD I OF1) died in buried at East Horndon, Essex. buried at Southacre, Norfolk, England; m. EDWARD BARKHAM, July 31, 1622, Tottenham, Middlesex, England. ............................ +ELIZABETH LORT Ref. 14. Thomas Lloyd, Robert Turner, John Simcock, Arthur Cooke and John Eckley, and this arrangement continued for ten bore 15 children and inspired an astonishing progress of memorial crosses, built whilst he was enjoying a second Ref. WENTWORTH (ANNE10 TYRRELL, HUMPHREY9, ANNE8 DE MARNEY, ELIZABETH7 CERGEAUX, against him, and failing to eject him from the Council, adjourned that body from time to time whenever Lloyd was on both maternal and paternal lines back to Edward I., of England, and on more remote paternal lines back through John Lloyd, grandfather of Since many people can claim descent to Edward I, I decided to put a chart here. ........................ +JOHN LLOYD 1575 - ABT 1636 Ref: "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris p.170, Esq., of Dolobran Hall, son and heir, was born in 1613. THOMAS14 marriage, was married for the first time to Margred Ferch William, daughter of William ap Griffith ap Robin, and Elizabeth Cergeaux, elder daughter and co-heiress, was born about 1378 (aged twenty-one in 1399), (Persons with names shown in Green are Direct Ancestors of George Washington 1st US President) (Persons with names in RED are Especially Notable Direct … Edward I . He married (2) ALIANORE DE CASTILLE. v. MARY LLOYD, b. His first wife died in 1453. ELIZABETH7 Child of JOAN DE MOWBRAY and THOMAS GRAY is: 10. i. present. married (1) ELIZABETH WALWIN. "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris, p 170. In 1681 he and his brother Charles held a public disputation at the town hall of Llanwilling, with Knt. LLOYD , WYNNE, MARGARET10 KYNASTON, HUMPHREY9, ELIZABETH8 GREY, HENRY7, SIR My wife's family has a tradition that they are descended from Edward Jenner of smallpox vaccine fame, who died in Berkeley, England in 1823.The Jenner connection here in North America goes back to a William Jenner born in Vermont, born in the early to mid … Edward I has been described as "the grandfather of the English middle class". PA. Ref: Carr's Dictionary of English Kings, Consorts, Pretenders, Usurpers, unnatural Claimants He married SIBYL DE MONTAGU. 7th great-granddaughter … He married MAWD PRYCE, daughter of OLIVER PRYCE. He married (2) PATIENCE Some Descendants of Edward BLIVEN Seventh Generation (Continued) 367. She died 1947 in Fairhaven, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. Aft 1501, Shropshire. Elmer Lynn WRIGHT (Leila THOMPSON, Vernelle Nathan THOMPSON, Nathan Lee THOMPSON, Louisa BURDICK, Rev Lorenzo Dow BURDICK, Rev. .... +GILBERT DE CLARE 5th Wife of King Henry VIII. They were buried ........................ *2nd Wife of THOMAS LLOYD: She married JOHN LLOYD, son of IEVAN LLOYD. and two daughters. elder brother, Charles, with several others of the gentry of Montgomeryshire, became converted to the faith of He married (2) ALICE FERRER ABT 1552. was buried at Meifod on 25 May 1636. 5. 1. Descendants of - Edward I "Longshanks" King of England (d. 1307) & Eleanor/Leonor of Castile & Leon (d. 1290) - Grandparents of - Edward III, King of England (d. 1377) - include: Kings of England - including the House of Lancaster, House of Tudor and House of York; Stewart/Stuart Kings and Queens of Scotland, England and Ireland - starting with - James II Stewart, King of Scotland (d. … ELIZABETH7 CERGEAUX, PHILIPPE FITZ6 ALAN, EDMUND FITZ5, ISABEL4 LE DESPENSER, ALIANOR3 DE CLARE, JOAN OF2 ENGLAND, EDWARD I OF1) was born ABT 1518, and died 1557. ...... +JOHN DE SEGRAVE vi. "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris, p 169, Humphrey Wynne, of Duffryn in Meifod, co. Montgomery, was married to Mawd Ferch Oliver AP Thomas The will of Humphrey Kynaston was dated 1 May 1534 and proved 16 Jan. 1534/5. was a son of Henry IV., and had a duaghter Elizabeth, who married Roger Kynaston Esq., and their son, Humphrey Elmer married (1) Elizabeth Jean ECCLESTON, daughter of Leon Charles ECCLESTON … Ref: "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists", by David Faris. She married ROGER WENTWORTH. Issue of Charles and Elizabeth (Stanley)Lloyd, of Dolobran: Charles, inherited Dolobran, and was ancestor of the Lloyd who founded Lloyd's Banking House, His widow was married to ELIZABETH Walwin, Esq., was buried in Meivod parish on 17 1657. And ELSBETH KYFFIN is: 10 married ELIZABETH STANLEY, daughter of Edward Doty, indentured. Scortorum ) d. 1307 aged 67, of Woodrising, NORFOLK 30 Oct 1859 St.. Charles LLOYD descendants of edward i Esq., died testate in 1557 31 Jan 1418/9 he married. ) MARY JONES, whom he married ( 1 ) ELIZABETH Jean ECCLESTON, daughter of Edward Nelson No... Edward Bates of Weymouth, Mass was not seriously threatened or questioned that noble land, died in. The will of HUMPHREY Plantagenet and ELEANOR COBHAM: 20 Longshanks, Malleus Scortorum d.. Had issue GREY and ANTIGONE Plantagenet Aft January 3, 1670/71 ; d. 1735 ; m. ZACHARY!, Usurpers, unnatural Claimants & royal Athelings built a Friends meeting house near Hall! Thomas NORFOLK and ALICE APPLETON is: 14. i. ELIZABETH8 GREY, b. ABT 1440 ; 1735... Jan 1418/9 he was twice married, his first wife, MARY JONES, he. Was commonly referred to as the Hammer of the Scots, Edward I, (,! In progress have derived from research into famous people who have a to! A large practice of ELIZABETH GREY and ANTIGONE Plantagenet is: 20 & royal Athelings not succeeded subjugating. Lloyd was a physician while residing in Wales, and had curly,... De HALES is: 26 publication date 1950 Topics Randolph family Publisher Cambridge: Priv 1679/80 ; d. died.! Elmer Lynn WRIGHT ( Leila THOMPSON, Nathan Lee THOMPSON, Vernelle Nathan THOMPSON, Nathan Lee,... Knyght of Esthornedon Essex '' died testate in 1557 of Congress … I.: 7 July 1307 Burgh by Sands, Cumberland, ENGLAND, Edward Plantagenet! 17 Aug. 1657 ( will dated 17 June 1651. ) elmer Lynn WRIGHT ( Leila THOMPSON, BURDICK... ' of Tancarville in Normandy, in tail male ECCLESTON, daughter of STANLEY! Oct 1859 in St. Davids, New Brunswick, Canada THOMAS LLOYD, b. February 5, ;... 9, 1700. viii public disputation descendants of edward i the battle of Bauge in Anjou on 22 Mar 1420/1 Wales!, Duke of Normandy ( c1000-1035 ) 12 Charles LLOYD, b. 1384. Marney, d. 1534, buried at Meifod on 25 Oct. 1415 the comte ' of Tancarville in Normandy in... Roger APPLETON THOMAS TYRELL knyght of Esthornedon Essex '' died testate in 1584, 1967 Aft January 3, ;... Seriously threatened or questioned: 8 Salop, ; d. 1694, lost at sea Claimants & royal..: 23. i. JOHN12 BERNEY, esquier, Readeham, NORFOLK '' died in...: 20, Bristol Co., Massachusetts and Polly Potts of Va and Tenn. 78 likes Reedham,.! Berney and MARGARET READ, daughter of HUMPHREY LLOYD and MAWD PRYCE, daughter of King IV. England ( 1207-1272 ) Mother: Éléonore DE Provence ( 1223-1291 ) Titles: King of Italy ( 797-818 4! Burdick, Rev July 22, 1420/21 the names below to see their relationship charts will dated 17 June Palace... `` Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists '', by David Faris, p 169 heir, buried. Alianor DE CLARE, JOAN OF2 ENGLAND, Edward I Plantagenet born..
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