Part 7: Hybrids, Lets Build Web Components! So basically, your elements will work as intended even on older browsers and Edge as long as you. Note that HTML Imports are Because cross-browser support won't be possible for a very long time, if it happens at all , a polyfill is a long-term necessity for developers that want to use web components outside of Chrome. webcomponents.js (v1 spec polyfills) Note.For polyfills that work with the older Custom Elements and Shadow DOM v0 specs, see the v0 branch.. Note.For polyfills that include HTML Imports, see the v1 branch.. A suite of polyfills supporting the Web Components specs:. Elements built with LitElement use the Web Components set of standards, which are currently supported by all major browsers with the exception of Edge. Polyfill notes. A polyfill for v1 is in progress at We're also working on polyfills for cutting edge new APIs for Web Components polyfills to make your app work in older browsers like IE11. Forces use of polyfill in IE 11 since IE 11's native one causes XML data issues - a JavaScript package on Bower - The webcomponents.js polyfill comes with a loader script that can be used to load only the polyfills a particular browser needs. polyfills. This version contains the full Shadow DOM polyfill, which is known to have high performance overhead. Follow Issue #172. People Repo info Activity.